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About Us

With over eight years of experience in the nonprofit/for-profit sector and academic backgrounds in education, housing community development, criminal justice, and public health. Focused Vision Consulting is an organization that provides solution-based strategies for entities that serve low to moderate-income communities. 

Focused Vision Consulting seeks to help organizations expand to larger markets by helping them organize, create, and develop useful and purposeful processes that lead to organizational sustainability.

Additionally, we use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create curriculums that stand out and increase your organization’s value proposition, attract more customers and potential investors. We also use the information gathered as a base to research and write grants/proposals and generate revenue for your organization.

What We Do

We are social justice optometrists with a passion for providing sustainable social change for entities that serve low to moderate-income communities. Through independent consulting, we provide innovative solutions and strategies for your most complex business obstacles.

Questions to Ask Yourself? 

  • Am I currently facing a difficult business/organizational challenge that is affecting performance and growth opportunities?
  • Have I analyzed the success of my business/organization within the last 5 years?
  • Am I in need of gaining access to more capital?
  • Am I funding my business/organization with my own personal funds?
  • Am I putting the people that I am servicing needs first?
  • Are the people that I am serving contributors to my business/organizational plan?
  • Do I lack the skills and resources needed to solve our problem(s)?
  • Do I need a new and fresh innovative approach to measuring impact?
  • When we are done, can our people be trained to continue to implement new processes for problem-solving?
  • Do I need someone who works well with the clients I serve and all levels of management?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let us help you focus your vision today.


Our dynamic range of services allows our customers to look in one location for all of their needs.

  • Provides information about the strengths and resources of a community; helps uncover limitations
  • Helps improve transparency within organizations
  • Improves transparency for customer engagement
  • Identifies at-risk or underserved populations within a community
  • Plans for demographic changes to the community
  • Review past and present processes of your business/organization
  • Identify patterns, trends, and access to determine whether or not there was positive or negative growth
  • Work alongside teams within the business or upper management to create new processes
  • Once a new system is created, data tracking will allow us to track the outcome and make adjustments as needed
  • Identify key evaluation questions
  • Co-develop appropriate methods, tools, and protocols to enhance community engagement
  • Identify key projects necessary to be assessed
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the project and programmatic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plans
  • Consult with clients to determine the types of research and information required
  • Conduct internet-based and library research
  • Travel to field sites to collect and record data and/or samples as appropriate to the specific objectives of the study
  • Prepare tables, graphs, fact sheets, and written reports summarizing research results
  • Prepare, manipulate, and manage extensive databases
  • Code and verify data in accordance with the specified research protocol and coding procedures
  • Present research findings to upper management
  • Establish the goals and expectations of the project
  • Choose an interviewing methodology that will be adaptable for the people that are to be interviewed
  • Contact potential subjects to introduce and explain study objectives and arrange interviews
  • Conduct interviews, collect, and enter data for review
  • Analyze the data and create the reports associated with the data collected
  • Develop programming infrastructure and provide decision making support
  • Locate funding sources and opportunities
  • Help organizations identify where they are going to deliver services
  • Use GIS to identify target communities for services
  • Identify specific areas within the organization that is in need of grant funding¬†
  • Conduct research on what tools the organization has that will be appropriate for the grant opportunity
  • Organize the information gathered that is appropriate for each grant application
  • Develop a proposal plan outlining how the funding would be used and applied to the organization
  • If funding is obtained, assess funding utilization as appropriate to the grant that was applied for
  • Create training materials to train staff on new systems created that highlights the skills and knowledge that staff members and customers are expected to attain
  • Increase organizational ownership of created content material through copyright services
  • Assess staff knowledge of pre-existing and new organizational processes
  • Help organizations create and improve product and learning tools that are provided to staff and customers
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